Project funding
Great Waves Consultants are Independent Financial Consultants with the ability to arrange funding for all kinds of commercial projects ranging from $5M to no top limit. The project owner must be ready, willing and able to offer a collateral security in the shape of SBLC for the amount he/she seeks for his project.
Customized Financial Advice
Whether you’re a large business or an individual, everyone can benefit from a qualified and experienced investment specialist. Let us advise you and see how we can help you multiply your money manifold. Great Waves Consultants have helped many investors across the globe in selecting the right investment opportunity in domestic and international markets. Our team has built the wealth of several investors by deploying their unique skills to multiply investments. Great Waves Consultants are reputed managers of investments displaying highest levels of integrity and transparency.

Professional financial consulting & Monetization


SBLCs or bank guarantees originating from top 50 banks can be arranged or monetized.


We might offer and monetize MTNs or LTNs originating from top banks. Complete KYC is required.

Blocked Funds

Monetization of cash funds located in top banks in access of 20 million might be possible. Latest Bank statement is required.

Venezuelan Bonds

We might monetize Venezuelan or other bonds if these are parked in the vault of a top commercial bank and that bank is ready, willing and able to issue MT760 against those bonds. Complete KYC of the owner is required.

Precious Metals

You can trust in us – your privacy is our top priority.  Our traders might monetize Gold, Silver, Diamonds and other precious metals deposits which are backed by BANK SKRs.

Sovereign Guarantee

We might monetize Sovereign Guarantees, if these are backed by top commercial banks.

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